Rules Making and Policy

In the sphere of rulemaking and policy development, our law firm plays a pivotal role in assisting clients to influence and adapt to changing regulatory landscapes. We offer comprehensive services in legislative drafting, policy analysis, and strategic advice on public policy engagement.

Our team, equipped with a deep understanding of governmental processes, assists organisations in interpreting policy implications and engaging in informed advocacy. Our professionals are not only legal experts but also seasoned navigators of the complex world of regulations and policymaking. As a consultant for the World Bank Group, our firm has played a pivotal role in the development of Nigeria's competition law framework, which encompasses merger review, restrictive agreements, abuse of dominance, and market definition. This unique involvement demonstrates our lawyers' high level of expertise and experience.

Our approach is pragmatic and forward-looking, focused on guiding clients through the nuances of regulatory compliance, ensuring that they not only comply with existing laws but also anticipate and shape future policies. We serve as a bridge between the business community and regulatory bodies, aiding clients in their efforts to advocate for legislative changes that will benefit their industries and the wider community.