Competition Law

Operating within the competitive Nigerian market requires businesses to be vigilant and compliant with competition and antitrust laws, which are complex and multifaceted. Our law firm excels in the arena of Competition Law & Antitrust + Merger Review.

As a consultant for the World Bank Group, our firm has played a pivotal role in the development of Nigeria's competition law framework, which encompasses merger review, restrictive agreements, abuse of dominance, and market definition. This unique involvement demonstrates our lawyers' high level of expertise and experience.

Our specialists are adept in advising on a spectrum of competition-related matters, including the intricate processes of mergers and acquisitions, guiding both domestic and international entities. Beyond legal representation, we also facilitate capacity building, offering seminars and workshops to elucidate the nuances of competition law compliance. We ensure a comprehensive understanding of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission Act (FCCPC) among other pertinent regulations, so our clients are equipped to navigate the legalities seamlessly, avoiding penalties and preserving their reputations.