Labour and Employment

Our Labour and Employment law practice addresses the full spectrum of workplace-related legal issues in Nigeria. We understand the complexities of the Nigerian employment legal framework, including discrimination and harassment, employment contracts, employee benefits, workplace safety, and union relations.

As seasoned experts in this field, we understand that the dynamism of labour laws poses unique challenges to both employers and employees. Staying abreast of legal reforms and ensuring compliance are crucial for smooth operational continuity and maintaining workplace harmony. Our practice extends beyond mere compliance to encompass strategic advice on employment contracts, employee benefits, and workplace safety, as well as effective handling of discrimination and harassment issues and union relations.

We stand with our clients in forging paths through disputes, leveraging our deep industry experience to secure favourable resolutions while minimising reputational risk. Our approach to labor disputes emphasises innovation and efficacy, aiming for resolutions that are both favorable and cost-effective. With a record of success in significant cases, we not only interpret the law—we help shape it, providing reassurance that your legal matters are in experienced hands.